Frank Bernhard Übler

Museum Wiesbaden
Hesse State Museum of Art and Nature

A boxed set of catalogues for the art and nature history collections of the State Museum of Hess.

Published by Hirmer

Museum Wiesbaden
Hesse State Museum of Art and Nature

Catalogue for Albert Oehlen’s retrospective The 5000 fingers of Dr. Ö.

Published by Kerber

Sommer Kommunikation
PR agency

Look at that! Christine got a new website. Since Christine likes to write texts, there is a bold emphasis on, well, texts. Christine also likes no-nonsense and nice colours.


T-shirts for people who like T-shirts, cities, oddities, stories and typographies.

Facetypeproblems is a typeface art project by Cade McCall and Frank Bernhard Übler. All shirts are limited editions and are printed by hand in Germany.

Leipzig University
Department for Theatre Studies

Theatre—Open—Worlds. A newspaper for the 9th Saxonian Theatertreffen 2016 in Bautzen/Budyšin. The editorial concept was developed with students.

Frank has designed for web and print since 1997
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